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Holiday Elegance-1930s Burgundy Velvet Hostess Gown

By | 2019-12-23T12:26:34-04:00 December 23rd, 2019|Fashion, My Vintage Style|

1930s burgundy velvet hostess dress

Melanie Garbo Byrnes, owner of Vintage Diversity in Fort Lauderdale, and a long time vintage loving friend of mine, recently gifted me this wonderful 1930s silk velvet hostess gown. Despite it needing some TLC, I knew I could repair this beauty so that I could wear it just in time for some holiday entertaining.

I had to carefully hand stitch […]

The Streamline Moderne Style of the 1930s Portrayed in Fashion Illustration

By | 2018-07-06T08:53:26-04:00 July 6th, 2018|Fashion|


Bias cut dresses-McCalls fashion illustration 1935On a recent flea market shopping trip I  picked up a few McCall’s magazines from the 1930s.  Inside were pages of stunning fashion illustrations that captured the essense of the Art Deco design aesthetic of that era, which was referred to as Art Moderne or Streamline Moderne.

The  earlier 1920s Art Deco style characteristics were geometric with emphasis on the vertical […]

My Vintage Style-Jumpsuit Inspired by 1930s Beach Pajamas

By | 2017-06-27T10:20:11-04:00 June 25th, 2017|Fashion, My Vintage Style|


30s inspired jumpsuit

One of the clothing items on my “vintage wish list” is an authentic pair of 1930s beach pajamas.  But they are pretty rare pricey which means I won’t have any hanging in my closet anytime soon! So when I spotted these in a small boutique in Marblehead Ma. recently I couldn’t resist.  They may not be the real thing, but they sure as heck […]

1930s Hollywood Style Non Traditional Wedding Looks

By | 2015-10-30T13:17:05-04:00 October 30th, 2015|Fashion|

For non-traditional brides who long for a dress that captures the glamorous styles of a bygone era, one of my favorite looks to recommend for classic sophistication are the fashions popularized by 1930s Hollywood.

During the 1930s Hollywood movies provided a means of a escape from the depressing realities of the Great Depression.  You could forget about your financial worries for a couple of hours while watching actors and actresses such as Clark Gable and Carole […]

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New Arrivals! Lace and Tulle Gowns with Glam 1930s Flair

By | 2015-03-19T13:45:00-04:00 March 19th, 2015|Fashion|

I absolutely adore the fashions from the 1930s. In the  1920s  the trend was toward a more loose fitting silhouette that reflected womens’ rebellion against the restrictive styles of the turn of the century. But when the 30s rolled around dresses became more form fitting with an emphasis on  the waistline and back.

Also, in the 1930s  designer Madliene Vionnet popularized the “bias cut”  with her sensual figure flattering gowns. Many of the glamorous silver screen […]

Pajamas to the Beach? Ladies in the 1930s did it in style!

By | 2014-09-08T08:36:15-04:00 June 14th, 2014|Fashion|

That’s right!  According to Voguepedia  beach pajamas were introduced by Coco Chanel in 1922.  Starting out as wide legged trousers for ladies to wear while yachting,  they made a natural transition to resort wear for shoreside or cruises.  These beach outfits consisted of jumpsuits or full pants worn with short sleeved or halter tops, accompanied at times by a bolero or jacket. Women wore these over swimwear for strolling the promenade or boardwalk

At first […]

Mixed Print Outfit for a Tour of Haunted Gilded Age Mansion

By | 2019-11-08T08:37:50-04:00 October 30th, 2019|Fashion, Travel|

This year my fall foliage trip included a stop in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. We visited Lenox, a town known for Tanglewood, the beautiful music venue where the Boston Symphony Orchestra plays during the summer season. It is also home to many “gilded age” mansions, as the Berkshires used to be a resort destination for the ultra wealthy at the turn of the century. […]

50s Navy Dotted Swiss Dress for Fun Night at the Navy Yard

By | 2019-09-16T08:17:22-04:00 September 15th, 2019|Fashion, My Vintage Style|

Yes, the navy yard, meaning the Charlestown Navy Yard where the historic USS Constitution resides. Every year the Charlestown Navy Yard runs various  World War II themed events. Last month they had a weekend event titled “We  Can Do It-Service on the Homefront in WW2” to commemorate the “Greatest Generation.”

I wasn’t able to make all the festivities, but my husband and I were thrilled […]

Roaring Twenties Lawn Party Fashion-2019

By | 2019-08-13T08:43:08-04:00 August 10th, 2019|Events, My Vintage Style|

Well, another year has rolled around, which means another Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Ma.  The time flew by so fast I feel like I was just there!

This year I opted for a pastel floral cotton voile dropped waist 1920s dress. Voile is a great airy/floaty fabric, perfect if you have to be outside on a hot summer day.

Wore my […]

Glamorous Fashions of the Will Steinman Dress Company

By | 2019-02-22T11:23:16-04:00 February 22nd, 2019|Fashion, Labels to Look For|

Will Steinman dress 1953 Will Steinman dress 1953

This is another post on vintage labels to keep an eye out for.  The Will Steinman dress company specialized in wedding, debutante and party dresses in the 50s and 60s.
They were known for their attention to detail and fine workmanship. I’ve only come across a handful in my 15 years of selling vintage clothing. But every one […]

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