Birthday Tribute to Silent Film Star Dorothy Gish

Today marks the birthday of Dorothy Gish,  silent film star of the 1920s.   Born on March 11, 1898, many people are familiar with her famous sister, Lillian Gish.  But Dorothy was also a talented actress in her own right, known for her skill at pantomime and her comedic roles.   She had the more outgoing, vivacious personality of the two.  In 1927 her sister wrote of her-

“She is laughter, even on the cloudy days of life. […]

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Top Ten Favorite “Old Hollywood” Oscar Dresses

Well, it’s that time again when millions of us tune in to the Academy Awards to see who gets to go home with a coveted Oscar this year.   But, it’s not only the suspense of seeing who’s going to win the prestigious awards, but also our fascination for glitz and glamour that keep us glued to the screen.  The celebrity  fashions worn on the red carpet are  truly the highlight of the show and they’re […]

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Unlike Perez Hilton- I Really Like This Dress!

Heck, it’s a free country where we enjoy free speech. And that’s a great thing!  So everyone is entitled to their opinion on how celebrities look, act and dress.

But apparently, on Twitter,  Perez Hilton slammed Ariana Grande’s dress that she wore to the Grammy Awards and she almost had a meltdown on the Red Carpet because of this.

And here is a photo of the alleged offensive frock-

A floral print 50s […]

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Happy Birthday to Style Icon Tippi Hedren

Happy Birthday Tippi Hedren Happy Birthday, Tippi Hedren

Today is actress Tippi Hedren’s 84th birthday, born January 19th, 1930.  Famous for her roles in “The Birds” and “Marnie” , this classy Hitchcock Blonde  is also a dedicated animal rights activist.  Always elegant and stylish, she started out as a fashion model before she began her acting career.

Here is a photo from Life Magazine […]

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On Her Birthday-The Best Dressed Irene Dunne


Irene Dunne 1941 Universal promo shot Irene Dunne 12/20/1898 – 09/04/90

American actress and singer Irene Dunne was born on this day 115 years ago. Her classically trained voice lent itself well to musicals popular in 20s and 30s,  but her talent didn’t stop there. She went on to become equally popular in comedies and dramas.

Irene Dunne in a promotional shot for […]

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