Black Friday-Facts on America’s Infamous Shopping Day

1920s shopper 1920s shopper

20s shopper via Everett Collection/Shutterstock


Did you ever wonder how the term “Black Friday” came to describe the biggest retail shopping day of the year, the official start of the holiday gift buying season?  Well, if you have the courage to fight the unruly mob of bargain hunters this coming Friday, at least you’ll have some interesting facts to […]

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Turner Classic Movies ‘Summer Under the Stars’

Bette Davis in The Letter (1940) Bette Davis in The Letter (1940)

It’s that time again! Turner Classic Movies’ annual ‘Summer Under the Stars’ series begins today. Each day, for the month of August, TCM will play 24 hour tributes (uncut and commercial free!) to 31 different classic movie stars. Here’s a look at the line- up:

Thursday […]

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1920s Lawn Party and All that Jazz-Crane Estate, Ipswich Mass

This past Sunday I made my way up to the Crane Estate on Castle Hill in Ispwich, Mass to attend a 1920s Lawn Party put on by Boston Swing Central.  First let me say, this was, without a doubt, one of the most fun events I’ve ever attended. And I attend a lot of vintage themed events!

The venue was spectacular, being as it was held on the grounds of this historic seaside estate.  […]

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Elizabeth Taylor’s First Wedding Dress up for Auction!

Now’s your chance to get your hands on one of history’s most famous wedding dresses, providing you’ve got plenty of moola, of course!  On June 26th  Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress will be up for bid at Christie’s Pop Culture Auction.  Ms Taylor was  just 18 years old in 1950  when she wore the oyster silk satin wedding gown to marry her first husband,  Conrad Hilton . The beaded gown has a 15 yard […]

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