My Vintage Style-30s Inspired Dress for a Night Along Boston Harbor

Loco Lindo Rita Dress

One of my favorite things to do when in New England for the summer is hang out anywhere around Boston Harbor.   On a recent Wednesday evening my husband and I started with dinner in the North End, a neighborhood near the waterfront famous for it’s Italian restaurants, pastry shops, salumerias  and feasts (street festivals dedicated to different saints). Then finished […]

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My Vintage Style- Turban Tryout

1970s floral maxi dress

For years I’ve been admiring the look of turbans.  They’ve been a fashion trend that has been revived pretty much every decade of the 20th century.  Yet, I’ve never made the effort to purchase one to wear. Not exactly sure why, except I just tend not to wear hats a lot in general. Maybe a straw fedora or wide brimmed style […]

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My Vintage Style-Jumpsuit Inspired by 1930s Beach Pajamas


30s inspired jumpsuit

One of the clothing items on my “vintage wish list” is an authentic pair of 1930s beach pajamas.  But they are pretty rare pricey which means I won’t have any hanging in my closet anytime soon! So when I spotted these in a small boutique in Marblehead Ma. recently I couldn’t resist.  They may not be the real thing, but they sure as heck […]

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My Vintage Style- 70s Maxi Skirt That Dared Me To Break Out of My Fashion Comfort Zone

70s pastel floral skirt outfit

Bought this 1970s maxi skirt at a vintage show last summer.  The pretty springlike floral print really caught my eye.  I had every intention of adding it to my website inventory  because  pink, blue and yellow is not a color combination that I ever thought would look good on me.   I’m usually a black/neutrals/jewel tones kinda gal.   But […]

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