Lesser Known Label-Jerry Gilden and his Pretty 50s Dresses

Jerry Gilden seersucker dress

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I happen upon a  50s dress with a Jerry Gilden Spectator  label, as they are getting harder and harder to find, especially in good, wearable condition.   He may not have been a big name designer, but Jerry Gilden manufactured some very pretty, very nice quality dresses in the 1950s.   His  […]

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Lesser Known Label-Jeannene Booher

Jeannene Booher is not a designer you hear much about.  But she sure was one talented and ambitious lady!  I’m sure you’re familiar with the Maggie London label,  but did you know that  Jeannene Booher designed for that company in the 1980s and also became its vice president?  And from the 1960s until  she ended up at Maggy London, she not only worked for several other  large design houses,  and also designed her own collections. […]

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Lesser Known Label-Nat Kaplan

If you run across a dress, suit or coat with the Nat Kaplan label, you should take a closer look at it.  You will  probably find it extremely well made from very nice quality fabrics. It will very  likely have a classic look to it and be finely tailored. Because these are the kinds of fashions  Nat Kaplan’s company manufactured from 1935 to around 1986.


Nat Kaplan 1952 tweed jersey suit courtesy of […]

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