10 Retro Christmas Gift Ideas from Indie Businesses

retro christmas gift ideas

Now that the  holidays are upon us,  many people go into a frenzy trying to find the perfect something for friends and family.  Shopping the big box stores, either in person or online,  usually turns up uninspiring choices of the same old stuff. Being a small business owner,  I prefer to support “mom and pop” stores when I can,  and encourage […]

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Department Store Memories & How Their Past May Help Their Future

Bullocks Wilshire 1937 Bullocks Wilshire Los Angeles 1937

Recently I read an interesting post from one of my favorite style bloggers, Suzanne Carillo, on the demise of brick and mortar retail shopping.  This got me to thinking about the thousands of department stores that have gone out of business in the last 10 to 15 years.. We all know online shopping has something to […]

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Cosmetic Line that Captured Essence of Free Love Era

Do you remember Love Cosmetics with its wild psychedelic packaging and it modern space age (or phallic, depending on where your mind is at!) looking bottles and tubes?  In the latter 60s and early 70s the country was in the full throws of a sexual and counter cultural revolution and love was at its center.   The famous saying of the era was “Make Love, not War.”   The Beatles sang “All you need is Love” and […]

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Cute and Punny Vintage Valentines

Here are some cute vintage valentines for your viewing pleasure.

This ones a little racy. You have to lift up her skirt to see the rest of the message!


Hula Valentine

Vintage Hula Valentine Part 2

A vintage valentine for  doggie lovers.


Vintage Valentine License to Love[…]

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