Vintage Slippers and Robes

Back in the old days robes and slippers were a very traditional gift to give at Christmas time.  Today not so much because every one is too busy tracking down the newest, latest electronic gadget to give someone.  Practical, comfortable loungewear no longer gets the respect it deserves. Bathrobes and slippers have become the Rodney Dangerfield of Christmas presents!

But you have to admit, you can’t wrap yourself up in an electronic gadget to keep out […]

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Vintage Aprons Bring Holiday Cheer

See all the images below of retro kitchens from and 40s and 50s?  Notice they all have an apron wearing babe in each one. Also, see how happy they look toiling away? That’s because they’re wearing that  fabulous little apron!  Seriously.

kitchen housewife 1950kitchen 1957[…]

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Scents of Nostalgia

Everyone has certain fragrances that evoke memories of their childhood.   For me it’s Evening in Paris, Yardley Oh De London,  Chanel No 5 and White Shoulders.  I remember my fascination  over those dark cobalt blue bottles with their shiny silver labels sitting atop my grandmother’s vanity.     If I had known the word “glamorous” back then, I’m sure that’s how I would have described them.

Back in the 60s Yardley’s Oh De London was the first bottle […]

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Marilyn Monroe’s Record Breaking Seven Year Itch Dress

The auction of Debbie Reynold’s  Hollywood costumes and memorabilia collection  raised 22.8 million last weekend.  Included in this amazing collection  was Marilyn Monroe’s famous “subway grate” dress designed by William Travilla.  Worn in the movie  the Seven Year Itch,  it fetched a record breaking 4.6 million, far surpassing the pre-sale estimates of $1  to $2 million dollars.  Apparently Debbie Reynolds purchased the dress for 200.o0 when the MGM Studio went out of business back in […]

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Home Fashions-May 1945 Ladies Home Journal

Here’s a peek into what was happening on the home fashions front in May of 1945.

This ad is for Crane Co, manufacturers of  plumbing fixtures and steel cabinets. Many ads like this mention the new products and technologies to look forward to once the second World War was over.  Then companies could switch back to manufacturing for the general public, instead of for the military.

“And of course you’ll want a modern sink and storage cabinets […]

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