Vintage Theme Wedding Invitations

Weddings with a vintage theme are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not surprising,  since more and more brides are looking  for unique ways to make their special day especially memorable.  And many girls who plan on wearing a vintage or retro wedding dress also want a celebration that reflects their appreciation of the romance and nostalgia of days gone by.

Part of pulling together a vintage themed wedding includes having the proper invitations to complement the vintage […]

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Beauty and Personal Hygiene Ads-1925 Delineator Magazine

Modern day women are certainly familiar with ads hawking various beauty products for ways to make themselves either look or smell better. And while many of them live up to their claims, are quite lovely and even beneficial,we all know  there are plenty out there that just play on a woman’s insecurities about herself, but don’t do a darned thing!

And this isn’t something new. Just take a look at these ads from the April 1925 […]

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Interview with Trixie Lane of Old School Pinups Photography

Ever fantasize about what it would be like to get primped, pampered and dolled up to look like a vintage calender girl? Well, Trixie Lane and Lance Wagner, of Old School Pinups Photography Studio in Seattle, are experts  in helping women of all ages, shapes and sizes channel their inner Betty Grable.

With Lance’s 30 years of professional photography experience and Trixie’s background in cabaret and burlesque, they are the dynamic duo of  the retro […]

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The Nostalgic Appeal of Vintage Gift Sets

During the holiday season you’re bound to see mountains of  gift sets displayed at every department store.   Delicious combinations of fragrances, bath products and beauty creams make for the perfect present of pampering.   Though the  packaging tends to be colorful, feminine and glitzy,  most of them don’t entice me to buy.  But that’s because I much prefer the look of packaging from the past!  I just can’t resist any beauty product that’s boxed up to […]

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Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Since this is the week leading up to my favorite holiday, I decided to root  around on the internet and dig up something to show you with a vintage Halloween theme.  And the more horrific and disturbing, the better!

So today I’d like to share some vintage  photos I found on Trendhunter that feature home made  Halloween costumes from the past. Back in the day they really knew how to put together some creeptastically fabulous […]

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