Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Since this is the week leading up to my favorite holiday, I decided to root  around on the internet and dig up something to show you with a vintage Halloween theme.  And the more horrific and disturbing, the better!

So today I’d like to share some vintage  photos I found on Trendhunter that feature home made  Halloween costumes from the past. Back in the day they really knew how to put together some creeptastically fabulous […]

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Charm Magazine April 1947-Continued

In my previous post about Charm,  I mentioned it was a magazine that catered to working girls and it was the first of its kind.   Three very talented women, Estelle Rubenstein, as promotion director, Helen Valentine, editor,  and Cipe Pinelles, art director, launched Charm Magazine because they realized there was no other publication at that time that spoke to the increasing numbers of women entering the workforce.

According to this article covering  Estelle Rubenstein’s […]

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Charm Magazine-April 1947-Novelty Prints

In the 40s and 50s Charm was a fashion and beauty magazine geared to the career girl.   It was eventually bought out by Glamour in 1959.

And since it’s April and I just discovered I have an issue from April 1947, I thought I’d share some of the content so you can see the styles that were popular that year.

Novelty print dresses were very big back then and there is nothing I’ve seen today that […]

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Very Vintage Christmas Contest Winner

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Candice DeVille’s   “Very Vintage Christmas Contest” over at the Super Kawaii Mama blog.  One of the prizes was a $100.00 gift certificate to my site.   There were tons of creative entries from many talented readers. But the winner, by popular vote, is an absolutely adorable video by Violet LeBeaux.    Contratulations Violet!  Hope you find yourself a very lovely vintage Christmas outfit for celebrating with your […]

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Another Disturbing Doll to Haunt my Dreams

Recently I posted a photo of a down and out distressed wreck of a doll for sale at an antique store I happened into on my travels.  BTW, are you as creeped out by dolls as I am?  Because  according to this article on phobias, it’s somewhat common. So apparently I’m not as crazy as  I thought!

Anyway, I was just starting to get over the nightmares caused by that last one, when […]

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