Vintage inspired DIY craft projects.

DIY Mini Record Album Gift Tag Project

While reading Bust, one of my favorite magazines and blogs, I discovered a great post on making  these rockin’ gift tags that look like tiny record albums.  Created by Paul Overton at Dudecraft, where there is some serious craftiness going on!  So if you’re one of those really organized people who has all their shopping done  and you’re looking for a unique way to personalize your gifts, then have a go at this […]

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How to Retrofit Vintage Earrings

How many times have you been poking around a flea market or thrift store and come across a pair of those really adorable and  unique vintage earrings from the 40s and 50s? You know the ones I mean with the clip on or screwbacks? Many of them are like tiny works of art,  with beautiful austrian crystals and brightly colored beads.  It’s a shame to have to  pass them by just because they may have […]

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