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My Top 5 Favorite Classic Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving turkey dinner Thanksgiving Dinner 1957

I’ve never seen a sausage draped turkey before. Have you?

Anyway, it’s that time of year again when we throw dietary caution to the wind and allow ourselves the luxury of enjoying massive amounts of mouthwatering calorie laden meals without a hint of guilt. And when I think of Thanksgiving dinner, there are certain classic dishes, that if […]

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Top Five Retro Inspired Halloween Party Recipes

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without whipping up some fun recipes inspired by the holiday. I’ve chosen five of my favorites from around the web,  authentic vintage recipes  to twists on the classics, spooktacular concoctions and confections that will be  frightfully delicious additions to a Halloween party menu!

Banana spook cake Banana spook cake

1. Banana Spook Cake I loved the idea of turning bananas into ghosts .  And […]

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How to Have an Old Fashioned Picnic

Picnic paraphernalia Picnic paraphernalia

My mind has been on picnics lately as I’m planning to attend the Annual Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at the Crane Estate in Ipswich Ma.   And who doesn’t love an old fashioned picnic? Blankets or tablecloths spread out on the grass, baskets and coolers  full of delicious delicacies, comforting comfort food, refreshing libations and delectable desserts. All to be savored […]

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Ladies Home Journal June 1945- Regrettable Edibles

Well, I’m a couple of days late with this last post covering food ads from the June 1945 issue of Ladies Home Journal.  But then who’s counting?

First let me say, food ads back then were a far cry from the type you see today in the likes of  Bon Appetit , Saveur and even Good Housekeeping.  When you see a food ad today, it whets your appetite.  These ads, not so much.

In 1945, food rationing […]

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Jello for Jolly July Holidays

Your guests will really think you went OVERBOARD at your next summer party when you whip up these 1950s jello recipes! Bananas posing as sailboats, how a-PEELING!  Ok, I’ll stop now. Actually the  Pinapple Lime Parfait doesn’t look too bad.  You know these could easily be an alternative to jello shots. Just add some coconut rum, vodka or whatever FLOATS YOUR BOAT.   Sorry.

Is there really always room for jello?[…]

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