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Mail Order Memories-1955 Spring/Summer Spiegel Catalog(Part 2)

Spiegel catalog 1955-home accessosries-decor

As promised in my last post I’m sharing more images from my recent find, a spring/summer Spiegel catalog from 1955,  this time featuring the fabulousness of 50s housewares and home decor. Catalogs like these are a great reference if you’re planning on doing any mid century decorating and looking for authentic color palettes, prints and furniture styles of the era.

It’s also […]

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New Uses for Old Things-Repurposing Vintage Finds

Repurposing vintage finds

Because I’m addicted to shopping  at flea markets and thrift stores,  I’m constantly at risk of acquiring too much stuff.  If it’s vintage and really cool looking,  I’m compelled to rescue it.  And because I’m afraid of showing up on an episode of “Hoarding:Buried Alive” one day, I have vowed to control myself by limiting my purchases to things I know I […]

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Bringing You Shabby Chic Inspiration from The Vintage Garden, Arcadia Florida

Store Sign Vintage Garden Arcadia Florida Store Sign Vintage Garden Arcadia Florida

When travelling through the middle of Florida, one of my favorite shopping stops is Arcadia, a small town whose main street is filled with quaint antique shops that offer something for every collector. You can see my previous post about shopping Arcadia by clicking here.

On my most recent visit I stopped in […]

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Home Fashions-May 1945 Ladies Home Journal

Here’s a peek into what was happening on the home fashions front in May of 1945.

This ad is for Crane Co, manufacturers of  plumbing fixtures and steel cabinets. Many ads like this mention the new products and technologies to look forward to once the second World War was over.  Then companies could switch back to manufacturing for the general public, instead of for the military.

“And of course you’ll want a modern sink and storage cabinets […]

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Dita’s Divine Deco Diggs-In Style Magazine Feb. 2011

Now I know why I’ll never be able to move into my dream house. Because Dita Von Teese is living in it!

This month’s In Style Magazine has a whole spread dedicated to the  burlesque beauty’s swanky retro home .  And just like her, it oozes gorgeous, girly, vintage glamour.   Am totally loving the whole luxurious “Old Hollywood” deco look she’s got going on, and the pink 50s kitchen.  TDF!

Couldn’t you picture Jean Harlow lounging around […]

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